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The Best Beach Destinations

Everyone thinks about their dream vacation. For some, visiting Europe with all of its history and famous structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pizza, or the Roman Coliseum is the utmost of their dream holiday. For others, active or extreme sports are their vacation choice. They fantasize about climbing Mount Everest or skiing in Switzerland, or diving with the sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. Then there are others who just want to relax and enjoy a restful vacation, a light rum punch with a little umbrella in their hand, their toes sunk into a white sand beach and the sun creating a toasty sheen to their pale skin. Those are the people who want to find the best beach destinations.

Although beach lovers may all seem to want the same things, not all agree that the best beach destinations are ones with pure white sands lapping against tranquil shores. Beaches can be varied and different depending where you go in the world.

In the Caribbean, you are more likely to find those powdery white sand beaches that most dream about. There are several Caribbean islands that would fit into that category. Jamaica would be one with a variety of white sand beach locations to choose from, Grand Cayman another with its seven mile beach. You can also find fabulous sandy beaches in Cuba or the Turks and Caicos Islands. And the water in those places is pure, aqua and clean. Some of the Caribbean islands, though, offer rocky beaches with a more pronounced wave system and a hilly-er landscape, the island of St. Lucia for instance.

Other places in the world offer beaches formed from volcanic activity. Take the island of Santorini, Greece for instance. It has some wonderful swimming spots and offers fantastic weather and the most beautiful picturesque sights, but the beaches there are more pebbles than sand. The black and red pebbles that form these beaches were created by the island’s past volcanic history. Greece has long been known though as being one of the best beach destinations in the world.

Hawaii also offers a different style of beaches for beach lovers. Some of the islands offer sand, while other parts offer the lava rock beaches formed by their own volcanic past. Here the water is not as tranquil, but is great for surfers or boogie boarders, while still being clear enough to satisfy snorkerlers and scuba divers.

Other beach locations offer sporting activities beyond just soaking up the sun and sand on the beach. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can go zip-lining in Costa Rica, another famous beach location, or you could para-sail from a Brazilian beach.

There are also beaches that favor nature as part of their attraction. Have you ever thought of penguin watching from a South African beach, whale watching from the Galapagos Islands or swimming with sharks in Australia? Costa Rica is another place famous for an eco-beach vacation.

The best beach destinations do not have to be a simple sun and sand location, unless what you truly want to do is just relax and soak up the ‘rays’. You can visit great beaches all over the world and gear your beach vacation to the activities you want to do, or combine your beach vacation with the history you want to experience first-hand. Next time you are looking for one of those best beach destinations, explore the possibilities and find a new beach experience.